Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bowlin' Em Over

bowl over: 1. cause to overturn from an upright or normal position. 2. make a powerful impression on; overcome with amazement, surprise, wonder, or bewilderment.


  1. I guess that was a very successful trip!!!!!!!!!! Happy PFF!

  2. I love this card. It's beautifully drawn and I know a new expression now. I am learning of FPP each week.

  3. Something of a reversal of the bear at Yellowstone Park situation!

  4. Love the attention to cartoon detail enhancing the character of each animal and "person" and even the car! Great find!

  5. (guffaw) Well, your postcard just made my day! I love the postcards you share on your blog. It is always a treat to visit here. lol

    Happy PFF!

    Don't forget to visit Gemma's Mailbox meme--I forgot to add in the link on PFF--but it's there now!


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